After an emergency

Well, the emergency response phase of the emergency may be over, but you may not be prepared for what is to come. The aftermath or recovery phase of any emergency is frequently the most difficult and challenging to deal with. This may be because organisations don't spend much time, if at all, thinking about recovering from an emergency - and they rarely train for it. We can help you consider the many issues that are involved. We can help you write your emergency plans and review your plans if they already exist. We can train your people.


Emergencies involve people - many people - and some may be significantly affected. In the case of mass fatality incidents where many people have died, there will be an enormous number of individuals directedly impacted by the emotional and traumatic events, including emergency responders such as the police ambulance and medical services. Dealing with a mass fatality incident for example will involve a wide range of essential activities by different organisations including the police, other investigative bodies, judicial authorities and health services. There will be a need to deploy disaster victim identification specialists to recover those who have died and carry out accurate identifications so that the deceased may be returned to their loved ones. This might involve repatriation to another country. Individuals will need practical and emotional support during and after an emergency and this may required over an extended period and perhaps many years. We can help you understand the internationally recogonised procedures that will take place. We can help you set up and train incident care teams who can step in at short notice to provide essential short-term support.


Other types of emergency, such as widespread flooding of home and businesses, may not necessarily involve deaths, but they bring major challenges with temporary shelter, rehoming, rebuilding and reconstruction. This often lasts well beyond the time that the media are covering the story, but the pain and anguish endures. Insurance and financial shortfall are typical features of these and other emergencies and planning in advance will help at least understand the issues and what may be needed, The setting up of appeal funds need special handling if they are to be effective, fair and transparent. We have experience of working in these types of scenarios. The same applies to remembering those who have died. There will be an expectation from those directly affected that special arrangements  will be made to remember those individuals, perhaps on the first-year anniversary of the event and on subsequent years. We have experience of planning these and can help.