We will work with you to understand your organisation's strategic priorities and advise you about your current state of emergency preparedness. This could involve reviewing your existing crisis and emergency arrangements, your business continuity requirements when things go wrong, and how you look after your staff. We can work with you and write completely new plans for you if that is what is needed. In summary, we offer a bespoke service. And when your plans are ready, we can design exercises to test them in a number of different ways. This may include training and briefing your people so that they know what to do in an emergency. We are completely flexible.


By way of an example, how are you dealing with the current global Coronavirus pandemic? What will you do if you lose many of your staff. How can you support staff and customers who may be trapped in a lockdown, or stranded in another country with no realistic chances of getting a flight home? Have you though about this? Have you planned for this or any other emergencies? How will you cope?


You may want a specialist to support you during the response to an emergency, or help you when the emergency is over. We can guide you.