Emergency Management Consultancy of the Year for South West England 2020/21: OTHO Ltd 

Tony Thompson MSc LLB

Founder and Director of OTHO Ltd

Are YOU ready?

When disaster strikes it is far too late to think about emergency planning, preparation, training and exercising. Your response will be judged by those most directly affected and by others during the detailed and protracted investigations and inquiries that will inevitably follow. So how prepared are you and how confident are you that your organisation is ready to respond? 

Before an emergency

Planning, preparation, training and exercising are vital for an effective emergency response to any civil emergency whether is it a terrorist attack, a man-made or natural disaster. We can help you get your plans ready and validate them though auditing and exercising. We can design call-out procedures and check that they are fit for purpose.

During an emergency

Responding to emergencies requires effective communications, command, control and coordination and the ability to work calmly with many other organisations. We can help you perform better during the response phase and show you how to share information, make decisions and record them accurately and clearly.

After an emergency

The aftermath of any emergency is typically the most challenging to plan, train for and test. Experience shows it is the phase that is often poorly managed with little thought for the welfare and monitoring of emergency responders and the affected community. We can assist shape what is often called the recovery phase.

Please take advantage of our vast experience in civil emergency management in the United Kingdom and overseas and our professional and sensitive approach to all phases of emergencies. We can help you develop and train your personnel at all levels and put in place the right emergency preparedness strategy to ensure the best possible outcomes for those directly affected if disaster strikes.